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The FGV Economics Forum aims to be a permanent forum for debating current national issues in economics. This is an initiative of the São Paulo School of Economics of FGV in partnership with FIESP, CUT, Worker Union (in Portuguese: Força Sindical), IEDI, and CNI. Those are organizations directly involved with the real sector of the economy.

The Forum is a tradition of the FGV since its founding in 1944 and seeks to contribute for the definition of a national development policy. For that purpose the forum will focus on specific areas such as macroeconomic stability; investment and job creation policies; fiscal policy; public savings reestablishment; international economics and its effects in the country; trade, technological, and industrial policy; and income distribution policy.

The Forum will always begin with an analysis of the current institutional and political milieus in Brazil. Given that development is the result of a national strategy, it is necessary to analyze and constantly debate the political and institutional structures of the country: international restrictions and opportunities, interests and ideals of the main social groups participating in the national political struggle, the necessary institutional adjustments and difficulties involved.

The Forum will always expect from the presence of representatives of governmental institution, businessmen, union leaders, politicians, technicians, and journalists. The panel discussion will have mediators and discussants previously assigned, and the participation of influential guests from the segments cited above.

The Forum is not open to the public, but debates are transparent, meaning that it will be covered by the media. There might be live coverage of the event and snapshots of the Forum will be accessible in this website.

The Forum takes place once a year in September in the city of São Paulo. The Forum does not offer a conclusion, but papers and the edited and summarized transcription of the debates will be published in books, by the Getulio Vargas Foundation Publishing Company, and will be available in this website.


Coordination: Professor Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira


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