São Paulo School of Economics - EESP is located at Rua Itapeva, 474, in Bela Vista region, in São Paulo. At the moment, the facilities are ample, adequate and preserved so that the students perform the programmed activities.

FGV is composed of a 12-storey headquarters building located at Avenida Nove de Julho, nº 2029, of the Library Karl A. Boedecker Building and the Getulio Vargas Auditorium, besides a multisport court and two adjacent buildings located at Rua Itapeva, 432. The classrooms, videoconference rooms, computer laboratories and integrated systems, all sponsored, are located in several FGVSP buildings.
The School administration and the teachers’rooms are in the same building where EESP is located. The Salão Nobre, the Prefeito Faria Lima Bookstore and Getulio Vargas Student Union also occupy the headquarters building, as well as a faculty room, a medical office, 2 restaurants and 2 snack bars.

The adjacent buildings encompass, in addition to some administrative departments, student bodies, such as the AIESEC, Junior Companies, Athletic Association and Staff Association.


The Prefeito Faria Lima Bookstore is specialized and offers the service of importing foreign publications. Besides that, it commercializes educacional softwares and care for the most recent national and international publications in the areas of Administration, Law and Economics.

Multisport Court

The multisport court is also a gathering spot for students. Besides being the stage for sports events such as futsal and basketball competitions it also provides place for events, festivities and others.


Sponsored Classrooms

The classrooms at FGV-SP offer an environment conducive to learning due to the comfort of its facilities and the technological resources available. All the classrooms allow access to the FGV-SP network, are provided with multimedia system and from the teacher´s table one is able to have all the control of the classroom and access to the internet, making the classes more dynamic. The illumination system and microphones are also controlled in this room.
This facility was only made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the partner corporations.

Videoconference Rooms

FGV is also provided with two videoconference rooms for hosting and transmitting lectures, national and international events and thesis defenses. The videoconference transmissions may be carried out via internet or ISDN digital lines (replacing the traditional telephone lines), which allow sound quality, sending and receipt of image with much higher quality than the videoconferences which make use of web-cam. In these rooms, everything which happens may be transmitted via internet in real time (video streaming) for people all around the world. Students may also count on a chat room to share experiences with their colleagues and interact with the teacher by sending questions and comments.

All the graduation course classes offered by FGVon line in São Paulo are transmitted by means of this technology.


The FGV Auditorium, located next to the main entrance of FGV is a perfect place for holding lectures, conventions, seminars, concerts and shows.
It is provided with:

  • 500 reversible chair-desks;
  • Digital sound system;
  • Screen for cinematographic projections;
  • 8m x 12m stage;
  • Conference table and tribune;
  • Cutting–edge audiovisual equipments;
  • Simultaneous interpretation booths;
  • Two cabinets;
  • Central climatization;
  • Access for physically disabled persons

For more information about reservation of the room, contact the the Events Assistance on the phone number (11) 3799-7828 or by e-mail.



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Computer Labs

Created in 1992, the LEPI-Teaching and Research in Information Technology Laboratory has as its main goal to administer the interface between the information technology resources and the academic activities at FGV-SP.
LEPI is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, connected to network, with free access to the internet and softwares for several activities and areas in the teaching of Administration, Economics and Law.
At the moment the teachers and students avail themselves of six fully equipped labs, open from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 22h, and Saturdays, from 9 to 15h.

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In compliance with NBR 9050 from the Brazilian Technical Standards Association – ABNT, FGV carried out technical adjustments in its buildings which benefit the physically disabled persons. The process is one of continuous improvement and gradually all the buildings will feature these devices.
FGV buildings are provided with

  • Toilets adapted to wheelchair users;
  • Braille labels on button panels in lifts;
  • Access ramps for people with impaired mobility;
  • Parking spaces as close as possible to the building entrances for these users ;
  • Fire alarms with visual and sound signaling. The Fire Brigade is advised to grant priority to these people in case of building evasion in an emergency situation.
  • The most recent measure aims at implementing tactile floors, which feature as one of the best elements in aiding mobility: by combining a binary language – warning + guiding - they inform and guide people in their circuit, making up paths accurately and safely. They will be used both indoors and outdoors, ensuring and adequate flow.



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