How to Get There

The underground is the fastest and easiest way to get to FGV-EESP. The closest station is Trianon Masp with exit at Rua Itapeva. Below you can download the underground line and surrounding areas of Trianon-Masp station maps.

Underground Line Map Download
Surrounding Area of Trianon Masp 
Station Map Download

To get to FGV, you can use the bus lines which serve Avenida Paulista and Avenida Nove Julho, since the school has two entrances.

The city of São Paulo avails itself of the services of the Congonhas Airport, which is the closest to FGV-EESP, and Cumbica Airport in the city of Guarulhos for international flights and also shuttles.

  • Congonhas Aiport – SP
    Address: Av. Washington Luiz. s/nºSão Paulo - SP - CEP: 04.695-900
    Telephone number: (011) 531-7621
    Fax number: (011) 240-5735

    Social Communication: (011) 6445-2891
    Administrative Hours: 08h00 to 12h00 and 13h00 to 17h00.

    It concentrates domestic flights, Rio-São Paulo shuttle, small private aircrafts, lease aircrafts, tourism charter flights, besides air-taxi and air medical services companies. It is the airport of choice, for Cumbica Airport is far from town.

  • Cumbica International Airport- (Guarulhos - SP)
    Av. Jamil João Zarif - (Access by via Dutra and Rodovia Ayrton Senna da Silva, Km 30) CEP: 07.141-970
    Telephone number: (55 11) 6412-1101/6445-2200.
    24- hour information about flights, telephone number: (55 11) 6445-2945.
    Fax number: (5511) 6445-3173/6412-2838.

    Concentrates small and large domestic flights, international flights, both of passengers and cargo transportation. It also serves small aircraft.

  • Transport from/ to the Airport.
    A special comfortable bus service is provided, with air conditioning, leaving the airport to several destinations in the city and also to the airport. For those studying at FGV-EESP, getting to the airport is very simple, for the bus serves Rua Itapeva with destination to Congonhas and Cumbica.

    More information:

    Site: Airport Bus Service
    Telephone number: 0800 999 701



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