A New Model of Education

FGV-EESP developed an innovative pedagogical model, creating “a learning environment” in which the traditional learning (oral/verbal transmision) is enhanced by an ensemble of activities grounded on the practice, experimentation and permanent building up of knowledge as part of the students´mental abilities and skills.

Thus, the role of the School exceeds that of an entity of traditional learning. The student is not only a client who attends classes and reads compulsory texts in order to obtain a course certificate. Much the opposite, the School stands as an environment conducive to learning and educating students, the classes aiming at their personal development by advancing knowledge and most of by all enabling them to avail themselves of such cognizance.

The student is an active element in a process which entails learning, experimentation and practices in order to reinvent knowledge. This means that besides the classes in which students retain only a certain amount of knowledge, they will also participate in a vast array of activities which focus on learning and experimentation.

This process is based on activities carried out in laboratories, encouraging research, debate and the solving of exercises, problems and real cases. The students will handle situations in which they will develop a logical and critical thinking, improving their learning abilities.

Thus, so as to educate a professional with excellence, it takes not only the perfect mastery of technical competence, but also, and most importantly, an education grounded on the national committement, on the exercise of leadership, on ethics and humanist orientation.


Escolas FGV

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