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Created in 2010 the Coordination of International Affairs at FGV/EESP aims at developing partnerships with international institutions in order to contribute for the enhancement in our students’ learning. Living abroad seeks both the educational and the personal development, for the exposition to a new cultural and academic environment fosters new challenges and opportunities, nurturing a more globalized and ample vision for the student.

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Partner Universities

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FGV/EESP is in process of association with the best institutions existing in the American and European markets. At the moment it avails itself of the partnerships with the following universities:

In these distinguished institutions and in the others in negociation, the students in interchange are offered a variety of study programs such as: Summer courses, specialized courses, regular courses and others. With the constant assistance of the Coordination of International Affairs they define the best programme to suit their needs, besides the subjects to be taken and the staying period.

In exchange, FGV/EESP offers reciprocity to international institutions, bolstering international interest for our School and receiving students in our courses, who also enrich our academic field by sharing their experiences.

In order to provide the best to FGV/EESP´s students, the International Affairs is constantly seeking new opportunities within its scope of competence, caring for a dynamic and updated atmosphere, in tune with our globalized world.

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