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The commitment to Brazil was also born the scientific research model adopted by FGV / EESP. To be committed to teaching the national reality, there is a need to improve the means of a reflection of teachers and students held on the themes that permeate the national agenda of economic and social development. For this reason, the academic and applied research initiatives should reflect in a concrete national issues and should interact with the teaching model.

The FGV / EESP assumes that the academic and applied research, and reflect the commitment to the national agenda, should be the foundation of excellence in teaching. The theoretical and empirical research should feed the undergraduate, postgraduate specialization and continuing education, as well as guide the action of FGV / EESP in society.

It is not enough scientific knowledge to produce unique and quality. It is necessary that this knowledge is brought to the public debate to produce concrete results.

The research is organized into study centers that coalesce FGV and researchers from other institutions, aiming at the creation of a national and international network.

CMICRO - Center for Applied Microeconomics
CEPESP - Center of Politics and Economics of the Public Sector


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