About Us

LEARN is the Lab for Evaluation, Analysis and Research in Learning based in the Sao Paulo School of Economics of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV/EESP), Brazil. It focuses on the study of cognitive and social-emotional skills, their assessment and mapping, and their impact on different dimensions, such as individuals’ social, educational and vocational results.
It is engaged primarily in:
i. The development of instruments to identify and measure students’ skills;
ii. The evaluation of the effects of specic interventions and pedagogical practices on the development of these skills; and
iii. The assessment of the impact of skills on the results of the individuals in the short and long terms (e.g. employment, compensation and risk behavior).
LEARN is highly committed to seeking and producing better data on learning and skills. It also intends to provide support to government entities in the assessment of the prociency of students.


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