• The Sao Paulo School of Economics at FGV offers both a master's and a doctoral program. These programs aim to produce highly qualified professionals by means of rigorous training and involvement in research. The master’s program trains students who want to follow an academic career by pursuing a doctoral degree either in Brazil or abroad. The doctoral program trains students to be successful researchers. Both programs also provide excellent training to individuals who want to pursue a career in the private or public sectors.

      The master’s program has a maximum duration of ten academic quarters and the doctoral program has a maximum duration of eighteen academic quarters. The Graduate Program guidebook contains detailed information on the structure of the two programs.

      The school also offers two types of postdoctoral program, the PNPD/CAPES program and the internal program. The objective of these programs, which last from six to twelve months depending on their type, is to allow recent Ph.Ds. and researchers from other institutions to develop academic research in the school under the supervision of an FGV professor.


    • Outside Students

      Students from other educational institutions can enroll in courses offered by the Graduate Program subject to the approval of its coordinator. The students pay a fee per course enrolled. The coordinator of the Graduate Program can exempt individual students from the fee. Students from academic institutions with an exchange agreement with the Sao Paulo School of Economics are exempt from the fee.

      Questions and enrollment requests should be sent to cmcd.economia@fgv.br. The enrollment period for outside students coincides with the enrollment period for graduate students regularly enrolled in the school. Please refer to the school's academic calendar for enrollment periods in each school year.


    • The graduate programs at FGV EESP are free for full-time students.


      The school offers scholarships, either its own or from funding agencies (CAPES and CNPq), to master’s and doctoral students. The number of scholarships offered depends on the availability of school resources and scholarship quotas from the funding agencies. Each program has a separate process for allocating scholarships to students. The keeping of scholarships is subject to school rules and, in the case of scholarships from funding agencies, to the rules of the funding agency responsible for the scholarship.

      Besides scholarships, the school offers graduate students the opportunity to be teaching assistants for undergraduate and graduate courses. The school has an assistantship program specific for master’s students who want to be teaching assistants for undergraduate courses.

      Finally, the school also has a program that allows doctoral students to get involved with teaching activities in the undergraduate program.


    • Academic research is central to the Sao Paulo School of Economics

      The Sao Paulo School of Economics at FGV has one of the best Economics departments in Latin America. It currently has more than twenty research faculty. The research at the school covers a broad range of topics, including Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Development Economics, Econometrics, Economic Theory, Finance, International Trade, Macroeconomics, and Political Economy. The research faculty at the school publish regularly in some of the best journals of the profession. They also have received numerous grants and awards.

      The Sao Paulo School of Economics at FGV also stands out among Brazilian research institutions for the academic output of its students and alumni.

      The Sao Paulo School of Economics at FGV has an active seminar schedule, with three weekly seminars, the Macro, Theory and Finance Seminar, the Applied Micro and Econometrics Seminar, and the Thesis Seminar. In the first two, researchers from other institutions, mostly foreign, present their academic work. In the third, students and faculty at the school present their academic work. An active seminar schedule contributes greatly to the intellectual life of a school and the training of its graduate students.

      Access our research webpage for more information about the research conducted at the school and our seminar series.



    • The quality and reputation of the school’s graduate program open up a wide range of opportunities for its graduate students, both inside and outside academia.


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