• The Fundação Getulio Vargas Sao Paulo School of Economics (FGV EESP) offers Brazil’s best and most comprehensive program of non-degree graduate courses in the areas of finance and economics.

      Master courses are part of this program. They follow a modern and innovative design in terms of teaching, focusing mainly on the development of participants during the program. Students benefit from an educational approach that involves concepts and applications. The central principle is the construction of knowledge combined with practical experience.

      The Master course features a renowned and experienced faculty and its own teaching materials, which possess a unique educational approach, whereby students are encouraged to reflect on the content and look for innovative solutions.

      The program also gives participants the option of taking elective subjects in the last semester, complementing the course in line with their professional and/or academic interests, through FGV EESP’s foreign exchange program. Alternatively, students who want to do a master’s or PhD can study mathematics and statistics as part of FGV EESP’s Professional Master’s program.


      FGV alumni receive a 30% discount on the cost of FGV EESP’s Master courses.





    • The Master course will prepare you to take your professional career to a new level. When you do the course, you will have an academic experience that includes the following:

      • Focus on practical applications combined with solid academic conceptual foundations. The course emphasizes the need to formulate questions, examine ideas and have discussions in order to develop and consolidate knowledge.
      • The construction of tailored knowledge of economics and/or finance to understand intricate issues related to the markets, the economic environment, key financial instruments, financial strategies, etc.
      • A teaching methodology focused on optimizing students’ time in the classroom, combining the development of concepts and practical applications.
      • Its own educational materials, structured in a unique way and specifically aligned with the content worked on from class to class.
      • Renowned faculty, with solid academic background, experience of the business world and an extensive track record of teaching on executive courses.
      • Flexibility: students can complete their course in line with their professional and academic needs.
      • Possibility of international exchange program, involving courses abroad.
      • Integration of content developed each semester through sessions using problem-based learning methodology.
      • Workshops aimed at the development of complementary soft skills, offered individually.¹
      • Possibility of studying subjects (mathematics and statistics) in FGV EESP’ Professional Master’s in Economics.
      • Use of technology as a tool to support students’ learning.
      • Encouragement of best students to develop their teaching techniques.
      • Networking with classmates and professors who work in their area of professional and/or academic interest.

      These workshops are offered in extracurricular sessions and their provision is conditional upon the number of people interested in them. The topics covered by the workshops include negotiation techniques, executive communication and teaching techniques.







    • Each class is divided into two blocks:

      The content, which encompasses theoretical concepts and aspects, is worked on in the first part of each class.

      The second part involves discussing and applying the content looked at in the first block. This is done through exercises, case studies, simulations, structured discussions, etc.

      Each class is complemented by recommendations for reading and extracurricular activities, aimed at reinforcing the content among students.

      Each subject in the Master course is developed for 10 weeks, with three hours of classes per week. This structure allows extensive contact with the subjects, as well as the appropriate development of content and the progressive sedimentation of knowledge acquired by students.²


      2 Except basic subjects and term paper methodology classes, which are offered in a blended format, combining in-person and distant sessions.



    • The course may be financed through one of the following options:

      • 18 monthly installments of R$2,288* or

      • 24 monthly installments of R$1,790*

      • 30 monthly installments of R$1,493*

      * Amounts in January 2019, subject to alteration without notice. Consult us to find out the price if you pay in one lump sum.



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