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    • The Professional Master’s in Agribusiness is the only master’s in Brazil designed for agribusiness market professionals, and it is offered in partnership with professors from EMBRAPA and ESALQ-USP.

      Professionals are trained in modern knowledge and tools about agricultural markets, economics, management and science. The course thereby trains students to work in managerial and leadership positions at agribusiness and agro-energy companies and institutions, with the foundations needed to understand and tackle challenges for the sector’s growth and development.

      The Professional Master’s in Agribusiness features two concentrated areas of study: Agro-Energy, and Agribusiness Economics and Management.


  • Objective


    • The Professional Master’s in Agribusiness (MPAGRO) is aimed at qualifying professionals to work in decision-making positions in agribusiness production and sales chains. The course is the only professional master’s in Brazil on the topic, and it supplies a well-grounded multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education in agricultural, agro-industrial, economic and managerial technology. To this end, the course combines the strengths of three institutions recognized for their excellence: FGV, ESALQ/USP and EMBRAPA.

      The course was created in 2008, motivated by the visible need to train managers for the sector and leaders able to respond to challenges and growth opportunities in the food, fiber and biofuel chains in Brazil. The project to create the course arose from an initiative by three personalities active in Brazilian agribusiness: Dr. Roberto Rodrigues, the coordinator of the Fundação Getulio Vargas Agribusiness Center and former agriculture minister; José Roberto Postali Parra, a professor at the University of Sao Paulo and then the director of its College of Agriculture; and Dr. Silvio Crestana, then the CEO of EMBRAPA.

      The course was created through a partnership between these three institutions, to give professionals up-to-date and comprehensive technical knowledge of agricultural production and an understanding of economic aspects and how the sector’s markets work, as well as mastery of modern productive and economic management tools. 




    • The Professional Master’s in Agribusiness (MPAGRO) is designed for professionals who want to in-depth studies and knowledge and to qualify for management and administration roles at companies directly or indirectly linked to agribusiness and agro-energy.

      MPAGRO provides a solid theoretical and applied education, focusing on understanding of Brazilian reality and the profound changes imposed by intense technological and productive development in agribusiness, as well as the pursuit of alternatives to fossil fuels. For this reason, the course is recommended for people who wish to enhance their analytical and decision-making capacity, but who do not necessarily intend to follow an academic career, although the course will qualify them for this.

      MPAGRO’s students and alumni work at the following companies, among others: Vale, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto, COSAN, the Canavieira Technology Center, Bunge, Cargill, Dedini, Abengoa, Copersucar, Datagro, Céleres Consultoria, the National Association for the Promotion of Fertilizers, Accenture do Brasil, Banco do Brasil, Banco Pine, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Petrobras, and CETESB.



    • Investment in the course in 2020 may be financed through one of three options:

      • 24 monthly installments R$ 4.089,00* 
      • 30 monthly installments R$ 3.319,00*
      • 36 monthly installments R$ 2.806,00*

      * Amounts in January 2020, subject to alteration without notice, based on accumulated inflation in the respective period.


      Important: If students fail a subject, they will have to pay an additional amount to take the course again.

      FGV provides reimbursable discounts in the form of loans, for 20% to 80% of monthly fees. These discounts must be repaid by students as of the 30th (thirtieth) months after starting the course, corrected only by inflation (IGP-M). These discounts are offered in line with income criteria, at the request of students, following analysis and approval by FGV’s finance area. For more information, see mpagro@fgv.br.

Vídeo do coordenador

Angelo Gurgel, coordenador do curso, fala sobre o único Mestrado Profissional em Agronegócio do país.







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