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Created in 2010, the International Affairs Office has the goal of developing partnerships with institutional institutions in order to contribute to the enhancement of students’ learning at the Sao Paulo School of Economics. Students’ foreign experiences are aimed at both educational and personal development, as exposure to a new cultural and academic environment provides new challenges and opportunities, creating a more globalized and broader vision.

FGV EESP around the world…

FGV EESP is constantly forming alliances with the best education institutions present across the world. At these institutions, students participate in a variety of study programs, such as summer programs, specialist courses and regular courses. Together with the International Affairs Office, these students choose the best program for their needs, as well as subjects to be studied and their period of study. At the same time, we offer reciprocity to these institutions, generating international interest in our school and receiving foreign students in our courses. They share their experiences and also enrich our academic environment.

How does it work? Who can participate?

Students regularly matriculated in our courses can participate in the exchange programs (preferably as of the seventh semester), provided that they meet the minimum requirements for this, such as fluency in the destination language and minimum demanded average score, among others. These programs take place in two main ways: either through bilateral agreements or “free mover” arrangements. In the first case, for each student sent to a partner institution, one student from that institution is received at our school. In the second system, this obligation does not exist.

In order to do the best for FGV EESP’s students, the International Affairs Office is constantly looking for new opportunities in its areas of activity, maintaining a dynamic and up-to-date atmosphere, in line with our globalized world.


Partner universities

FGV EESP is in the process of forming alliances with the best institutions present in the American and European markets. At the moment, it has partnerships in place with the following universities.


Select a continent below and see the partner universities.


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