MPE's have positive billing after 3 years

After three consecutive years of negative billing, micro and small enterprises in the state of São Paulo ended 2017 with a positive result, with a 5.1% increase in real revenues compared to 2016. The accumulated in 2017 reached R $ 635 , 9 billion, growth of R $ 30.9 billion over the previous year. The data are from the Indicators research performed by Sebrae-SP, obtained exclusively by the Estadio PME.MPE's have positive turnover after 3 years

The recovery was led by the service and commerce sectors, respectively. In services, real sales increased 6.4% and in commerce, 5.6%. The industry, however, recorded a decline of 0.7%. "This fall in industry is explained more by structural factors than by the macroeconomic environment. Certain chains have greatly reduced the number of domestic suppliers. It is the global supply chain, and this has caused the industry to lose market share. Industries are also very concentrated in sectors of low value added, such as apparel and accessories, "says the doctor in economics and professor at the School of Economics of FGV EESP, Clemens Nunes.

Nunes says that the service and trade sectors are less affected by competition from imports. "They are less affected because they offer non-traded goods (which are not traded globally). For example, to wash the dog, many look for the pet shop closer to home, "he says. "When there is an increase in purchasing power, the services sector often follows the recovery. Consumption accounts for around 70% of the total demand. Any 1% more is a great value.

Wheel of growth. According to Hussni, the slight recovery of the economy and the fall in inflation are some of the factors that provided the reaction of micro and small businesses. "One reason is the fall in inflation. Another important fact was the redemption of the inactive accounts of the FGTS. And we also live a period with the Selic falling and eleven consecutive drops in interest rates, which increases purchasing power. And, consequently, it makes the wheel of growth spin. "

Still according to the survey, the ratio of employed personnel closed 2017 with a fall of 0.9%. However, there was an increase in the salary mass of 1.5%. "Many companies reduced the picture and fired people less essential in the operation, but who received lower wages. This makes the average salary increase, "says Nunes.

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