Pró-Saúde FGV

What is Pró-Saúde FGV?

It is a program aimed at the well-being of students during their education. To this end, it operates in two areas:

Institutional well-being policy

This policy seeks to support and participate in joint initiatives with student groups and the Foundation’s services to promote dialogue on contentious issues for its members, raising issues that may contribute to individual suffering in the collective space. For these actions, the program depends on partnerships with other institutional entities or agents. Those interested in contributing should email Tiago Corbisier Matheus at

Individual support

This program offers support to students during their education, taking into account the many requirements and demands they experience in this stage of life. There are many challenges: moving to a different town, leaving home, changes in relationships with parents, difficulty in balancing activities at FGV EESP and outside it, meeting academic requirements, doubts and uncertainties about joining the job market, or personal distress at feeling like an outsider in any space.

Given these challenges, the Pró-Saúde program offers students individual psychological support sessions (around six meetings) with professionals who work outside FGV EESP, to help them understand the problems they are experiencing and find solutions to them.

  • The meetings are individual and they are held outside FGV EESP.
  • All the meetings are strictly confidential.
  • The meetings do not have any additional costs on top of the course fees.
  • Students who are interested in continuing with their therapeutic process after receiving services from Pró-Saúde will be referred to other professionals.




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